Tuesday, July 1, 2014

On the lake

We had our boat out yesterday. 

For me it was the first time on the lake this season. 

There’s a no-wake rule which puts boats to very low speeds. 

That’s fine unless you happen to be out when you see rain clouds form.

You don’t get very far with one eye on the sky and the other surveying the distance it’ll take to get to shore at 5 mph. But more about that later.

Because of the snail pace imposed we didn’t try to take the boat far out into the lake. 

It takes forever to get anywhere. Instead we hugged the shoreline. This gave us a lake tour of the big homes being built on the bay.

We marvel at the size of roofs on the brand new places. These estate homes are like an expensive bracelet around the lake. 

They add their own beauty and proportion while not always, in my opinion, in strict proportion to the scope of nature around them.

Dark clouds formed in the distance. In short order the sky to the south grew inky. 

The ominous deepening of the clouds began to overrun the sky. With one more glance in that direction we knew It was time to go in.

Our boat and a squad of sailboats, out not far from the sailboat marina, all came in like chicks following a mother hen when it appeared wise to pull into shore.

Boating was 70% getting ready and 30% actually on the water. Being on the lake, however, even for that short while, was summer in our hands with not a care in the world.

Ro Giencke – July 1, 2014

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