Wednesday, July 2, 2014


At church on Sunday the sermon was on the help silence gives us to better situate ourselves for good listening communication with God.

It was mentioned that summer is an excellent time to put into practice this exercise of quieting our thoughts and tuning ourselves up to listen well.

Summer is made for gazing we were told as we sat in the pews with the side door open to the street filled with bright ten o’clock sunlight.

Gaze upward to the blue sky, we were urged, with 4th of July and the broad canvas of summer beyond it offering plenty of gazing opportunities.

Gaze across our beautiful blue waters. Gaze out on Minnesota greenness, particularly made green this past season of rain. 

Gaze on loved ones God puts into our lives. The suggestions flowed over us in an inspired theme.  

When the gaze we hold on anything has the awe of absorption in it we allow ourselves to be changed by what we see. 

We’re moved to an affinity with our experience. The scene we behold or the faces of humanity in front of us enter deeply.

A concentrated gaze coming from mindful and deliberate action powerfully connects us to life. It can heal us. We can recognize more clearly the unity that is in all creation.

Sunday’s sermon makes me want to share it. I think it’s because truth has a path that sweeps you up in it.

As I give consideration to the concept of gazing for growth it makes sense that gazing is a natural partner of gratitude.

Gazing – the spiritual act of putting your attention lovingly on all moments of your life – cannot be initiated without a response of equal measure arising from it. 

This becomes the sense of gratitude which in full expression is made to pass along.

When you allow yourself to look, to be pulled into a moment with eyes wide open, taking it in, noticing the grandness in the smallest thing, and the heart of the matter in each event, great appreciation wells up.

My wish for this 4th of July is that we all do some gazing. Let us gaze upon friends and fireworks, watermelon and fried chicken, burgers on the grill and beer on ice in the tub.

Let us, this Independence Day, gaze on the American flag. Let us gaze on its glory as it identifies civic buildings and waves at its post at porches and residential mailboxes.

Let us gaze upon the truth of freedom. Let us gaze on the truth that freedom isn’t free. It never was and perhaps isn’t meant to be.

Freedom is free only when we work for it, use it, defend it and make it our ideal. Millions have died giving its gift to others whose times they did not live to see.

Gaze around. Gaze inwardly too. Reflect on your gazing and what it tells you. Gaze, listen to the silence and its words, and let gratitude quicken you.

Ro Giencke – July 2, 2014

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