Thursday, June 12, 2014

For fathers and those who are not

June is June everywhere and about the prettiest time of the year. 

June is easy to enjoy, like sipping a chocolate malt through a double straw.

Summer arrived with June this year. It came down the chute full of  grace. 

The month has been plenty of sun and pleasant temperatures. It feels so good to one who waits for summer heat.

It hasn’t been hot except for a few earlier days, but perfectly suited for what you expect from the first weeks of June.

Today was a bit of a turnaround. It started out damp with sprinkles. The sky was blotchy.

There were patches of dull clouds with attempted clearing in other spots. 

It was a day to give summer a break. We reached for sweaters and let the brisk winds blow. Steering patterns aloft have something to do with it.

June is about my favorite time. Everything is fresh and abundant. 

It prepares us for the blast furnace that can be July. It tiptoes us toward August humidity. Summer means something different to each of us. Using the season to appreciate nature around us is one thing all can do.

Our lakes are high because of near-record rains. A no-wake rule is in place on some local lakes. The relatively few boats being taken out go in slow motion. They putz along so untypical of speeds usually employed.

It’s a dreamy scene as the watercraft make their very slow way from shore to shore. 

You can find yourself hypnotized by the snail effect of it. We’re unaccustomed to watching life proceed anywhere at greatly reduced pace.

We added some plantings in our backyard. A cute bunny that’s been seen on the property has eaten the new greenery to the ground. 

The plants are its salad. It’s uncertain if the plants will come back. Visits to nibble and snack are sure to continue.

Father’s Day is this weekend. This is a thank you for fathers and those who are not. 

Father as title, job and relationship is extremely important to society, meaning each and every one of us on this planet Earth.

Being in the position of father, whether biological father or in any way that offers to others, especially our young, security, a steadfast hand, wisdom, tolerance, a bit of testiness for honesty’s sake, kindness of heart and courtesy of manners makes the world better. That’s no small feat.

You’re the guide and role model for those most needing someone to look up to, to admire and learn from. Never forget it. This is so much what Father’s Day is about.

You guys deserve the accolades that come this weekend of honoring our fathers. You have our gratitude. You’re a vital gift of presence to all who count on you.

Images of father, as greeting cards formerly conveyed him, largely confined expression of what father is to a few stock interests and pastimes.

Fishing, golfing, boating, a hammock stretched under a tree – this about sums up the creative limit of the imagination to sum up our fathers as we stood in the card section and chose from the common-themed cards.

The old images aren't as applicable to this generation of fathers. The former representation of father is only an aspect of the full scope of fatherly life today. In other words you’ve become too big to brand. Cool on you!

Nevertheless, my wish for you men is that something of the ease and relaxation the conventional images suggest are yours to enjoy on Sunday.

Rightfully bask in the heaping words of praise. They’re yours to treasure on Father’s Day.

Ro Giencke – June 12, 2014



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