Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patrick's Day, a poem

May the luck o' the Irish
be yours today and forever
in the lift of your head
the wit of your reply
and lilt of well filled heart.

Bask in the abundance which is life
and sing of the love that steadies you -
warming as sunshine after rain,
gentle as dewdrops, mist and grace.

To write Irish poetry must ask a wee drop of Irish blood of which none I can lay claim. But put me stoutly on the side of the Irish today as the desire is for some of that Irish pluck.

And here it's snowing. It's impish of St. Patrick's Day to fall white instead of springing forth green with daffodil spears and blades of emerald grass. 

March 17 wears its own look in Minnesota and has its own outlook too. 

With a third of Minnesota's population of Irish heritage it makes St. Patrick's Day locally a big deal. We all get to celebrate and be Irish for the day. 

Those of us who choose wear green in solidarity. We'll stand out for sure this year. Green has impact against our very snowy background. 

Ro Giencke - March 17, 2014


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