Monday, June 25, 2012

Basswood Blossoms

Expect a hot 4th of July we’re told as, at the moment, we luxuriate in a stretch of low dew points and ideal temperatures.

We can hardly make ourselves turn from our glasses of iced tea, or our garden work or golf game to hear what’s being said. Summer, we like to think, blissfully corrals us off from the shouting mix of what goes on around or above our heads.

We fool ourselves, of course, if we think we can stay in a summer bubble.  Even the resplendent weather of this past week, or all the happiness pressed down upon one, doesn’t alter the fact that we’re attached to everything else, whatever it may be.

We lend weary attention to world news which sounds so full of misunderstandings, meanness and grief. Many situations don’t seem fixable. Moreover, the folks don’t even act as if they’re trying.

On the local scene the news doesn't fare much better. Headlines tend not to leave you upbeat. The bad, ugly and negative make their statements just as they always have. 

None of it is going away or about to change fast. You can bet on that.

You can click off the TV remote, ignore the internet, swear off every form of techno chatter and avoid the newspapers. The essence of global troubles, which can seem to loom bigger than all of humanity, is still somehow able to reach you.

To a very real degree we have to be part of world events. It’s our right and responsibility to know what’s happening. As citizens of the world – and we are all that – there are parts we’re made for to play.

We have our talents where we're put and where we go.  Abilities can be great or scarcely noticeable but we use them in the amounts that vary as we ourselves evolve and grow.

With the world thankfully not going away, and our own participation in its course an important birthright, we require the gift of summer more than ever before.

Summer is the escape our bodies, with all their interrelated makeup, enormously need. As summer comes along we dial back, find affinity with nature and tune in to summer’s pace.

Summer’s pace having a lot to do with rest, recreation and restoration, we get ourselves in a healthier position for the long haul ahead.

With that in mind I’m taking an appreciation course on summer. The sun goes down late tonight and will for awhile. I’m going to doubly enjoy the extended light while it’s here.

Soon enough dusk shortens up. It starts to arrive a little earlier each evening. 

The thought gets set aside to concentrate instead on this dandy June Monday. 

Sunshine, light and warmth will leave with nightfall but manage to linger with me as best moments do.

Basswood trees are blossoming. They’re about my favorite smell. 

Lilacs, lavender, turkey browning in the oven and roasting chiles are favorite aromas as well. But mention basswood and the others queue up behind.

It’s a brief but special time. As the fragrance of basswood flowers drifts on the sometimes mild sometimes sticky air it’s plain and simple pleasure.

A large bunny was in the yard the other day. A smaller version has been around but this is the older cousin. This is one who’s had many banquets of clover on our lawn.

It stays close to the edge of the plantings in the security of the belt of trees. It nibbles the grasses in need of mowing.

You look outside and never know what you’re going see. Often there’s nothing. 

Take a second look. Summer skies, trees and land are creature full.

Ro Giencke - June 25, 2012


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